Community Garden

There is a wave building at Oak Run Elementary School, and it is the same wave many around the planet are trying to engender and see flow to shore. This is the wave of sustainability, excellent health and happiness for all living beings and the environment.  We as parents, staff, students and community members are aspiring to create an environment at our school that is rich with organic produce grown at the school, local free-range meats and eggs, and cooking by scratch in a kitchen where the equipment is safe and ready for the students to jump right in, and start preparing their meals.

We were fortunate to receive a grant through Healthy Shasta and the Healthy Students Initiative.  It has allowed us to move toward our goals by updating our school café and the community garden.


HSI Grant Form 2013-2014

Thank you to everyone who participated in our grant program.  We truly have a wonderful group of kids and community members.  Here is slide show that was put together to celebrate our achievements:

Oak Run Elementary School and Garden Project 2013-2014